Electromagnetic Wave class 12 notes

Electromagnetic Wave class 12 notes ( Physics )

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TopicElectromagnetic Wave
DefinitionAn electromagnetic wave is a form of energy that propagates through space via oscillating electric and magnetic fields. It doesn’t require a medium to travel and can move at the speed of light.
Properties– Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, meaning the oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of propagation.
– They can be described by wavelength, frequency, amplitude, and speed.
– They encompass a wide range of frequencies, forming the electromagnetic spectrum.
Electromagnetic Spectrum– Radio Waves: Low-frequency waves used in broadcasting and communication.
– Microwaves: Used for cooking, communication, and radar systems.
– Infrared Waves: Used in remote controls, thermal imaging, and more.
– Visible Light: The range of wavelengths perceivable by the human eye.
– Ultraviolet Waves: Responsible for tanning and vitamin D synthesis.
– X-rays: Used in medical imaging and security screening.
– Gamma Rays: High-energy waves used in cancer treatment and sterilization.
Generation & Reception– Electromagnetic waves are generated by accelerating electric charges.
– They can be received by antennas or receivers tuned to specific frequencies.
Applications– Communication: Used in radio, TV, satellite communication, and wireless technologies.
– Medical: X-rays and gamma rays for imaging and treatment.
– Remote Sensing: Infrared and microwave technology for weather forecasting and earth observation.
– Technology: Microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.
Electromagnetic Wave and Light– Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by the human eye.
– The color of light is determined by its wavelength.
– Light behaves both as a wave and a particle (photon) according to quantum theory.
ImportanceElectromagnetic waves are fundamental to modern technology, communication, and our understanding of the universe. Their properties and applications play a vital role in various scientific and technological advancements.
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