Electric Charge and Field Notes class 12 Physics 2024-25

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Introduction :- Electric charge and field notes class 12

Introduction to Electric Charges and Fields:

Electricity is a fundamental force of nature that permeates our everyday lives, from the lighting in our homes to the function of electronic devices. At its core are the concepts of electric charges and electric fields, which form the foundation of electromagnetism—a branch of physics that governs the behavior of charged particles and their interactions. electric charge and field notes class 12

In this chapter we will discus about of electric charges begins with the understanding that there are two types: positive and negative. These charges are carried by subatomic particles such as( protons and electrons) with like charges repelling each other and opposite charges attracting each other. This basic principle, articulated by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb in the 18th century, forms the basis of Coulomb’s Law, which quantifies the force between charges based on their magnitudes and the distance between them. electric charge and field notes class 12

Let understand electric charges is the concept of electric fields—a region of influence around a charged object where another charge experiences a force. when we look through electric field lines, which starts from the positive charges and converge toward negative charges in close loop , electric fields provide a framework for understanding how charges interact over distances. electric charge and field notes class 12

Moreover, the electric field concept extends to the notion of electric potential, a scalar quantity that describes the potential energy per unit charge at a point in space. This potential is crucial in understanding the behavior of charges within electric circuits and the transmission of electrical energy. electric charge and field notes class 12

Syllabus of Electric Charge and Field notes class 12 2024-25

  • Electric charges, Conservation of charge, Coulomb’s law-force between two-point charges, forces between multiple charges; superposition principle and continuous charge distribution.
  • Electric field, electric field due to a point charge, electric field lines, electric dipole, electric field due to a dipole, torque on a dipole in uniform electric field.
  • Electric flux, statement of Gauss’s theorem and its applications to find field due to infinitely long straight wire, uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and uniformly charged thin spherical shell (field inside and outside). electric charge and field notes class 12

Some Important question

 What is the difference between electric potential and electric potential difference?

Explain Gauss law.?

What is the relationship between electric potential and electric field?

Explain coulomb’s law in the vector from.

what is electric field and its properties ?

what are dielectric constant and what it function.

Explain the electrostatics and their applications.

what are the application of Gauss law.

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