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CBSE Class 12 Biology Practical Experiments


Subject : Bio

Material : Practical file

Class 12 Bio Practical PDF

Below you will find the list of experiments for Biology practicals.

A. List of experiments

  1. Prepare a temporary mount to observe pollen germination.
  2. Study the plant population density by quadrat method.
  3. Study the plant population frequency by quadrat method.
  4. Prepare a temporary mount of the onion root tip to study mitosis.
  5. Isolate DNA from available plant material such as spinach, green pea seeds, papaya, etc.
    B. Study and observe the following (Spotting)
  6. Flowers adapted to pollination by different agencies (wind, insects, birds).
  7. Pollen germination on stigma through a permanent slide or scanning electron micrograph.
  8. Identification of stages of gamete development, i.e., T.S. of testis and T.S. of ovary through permanent slides (from grasshopper/mice).
  9. Meiosis in onion bud cells or grasshopper testis through permanent slides.
  10. T.S. of blastula through permanent slides (Mammalian).
  11. Mendelian inheritance using seeds of different colours/sizes of any plant.
  12. Prepared pedigree charts of any one of the genetic traits such as rolling of tongue, blood groups, ear lobes, widow’s peak and colour blindness.
  13. Controlled pollination – emasculation, tagging and bagging.
  14. Common disease-causing organisms like Ascaris, Entamoeba, Plasmodium, and any fungus causing ringworm through permanent slides, models or virtual images or specimens. Comment on symptoms of diseases that they cause. Models specimen showing symbolic association in root modules of leguminous plants, Cuscuta on host and lichens.Flashcard models showing examples of homologous and analogous organs.

The practical exam for CBSE Class 12 Biology is composed of 30 marks. Students should try to score well in the practical exam as it can improve their overall score in the board examination. Students must have a thorough knowledge of the theoretical concepts before performing the experiments. This would help them to understand the fundamental concepts more efficiently.class 12 bio practical pdf,bio practical file class 12, CBSE Class 12 Practical Biology

The Significance of Class 12 Bio Practical PDF: A Gateway to Practical Excellence

Introduction to Practical Biology

Class 12 Biology Practical exams are a crucial component of the CBSE curriculum, emphasizing hands-on experimentation and application of theoretical knowledge. The Bio Practical PDF serves as a virtual gateway, providing students access to the structured guidelines and procedures essential for practical success.

Bridge Between Theory and Application

The Bio Practical PDF acts as a bridge, connecting theoretical concepts learned in classrooms to real-world experiments. It transforms abstract ideas into tangible experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of biological principles.

Understanding the Structure: Components of Bio Practical PDF for Class 12

Experiment Details and Objectives

Each practical PDF meticulously outlines the experiment details, including objectives, procedures, and expected outcomes. Students gain a clear roadmap, ensuring they comprehend the purpose and methodology of each experiment.

Materials Required and Safety Guidelines

The PDF files furnish a comprehensive list of materials needed for experiments, reinforcing organizational skills. Additionally, safety guidelines are emphasized, instilling a culture of responsible and secure laboratory practices.

class 12 bio practical pdf,bio practical file class 12, CBSE Class 12 Practical Biology

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